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Scawo is a patented innovation for customising concrete staircases from prefabricated formwork. Developed using the latest 3D print technologies, Scawo allows us to tailor each staircase to the client’s individual needs.

Over the last few decades, construction techniques for concrete staircases have seen no significant development. This is why about ten years ago we came up with the idea of digitalising the entire staircase construction process, from design to production. In the following years, our cooperation with various partners from the fields of research and industry led to the development of the first print head for Sorel cement.
However, Sorel cement has a narrower spectrum of application compared to concrete. To overcome this limitation, Scawo3D continued investing in research. Our effort bore fruit in 2021, when we patented the world’s first 3D inkjet print head for concrete.
Although originally designed for printing concrete staircases, this innovation has opened up a host of new possible applications, paving the way to a wider range of innovative products and processes. As a result, we can now print 3D models in any shape. Unlike conventional concrete manufacturing techniques, Scawo only requires a digital template for printing, leaving free rein to creativity.

Why choose Scawo?

  • Considerable time saved on the construction site
  • Fixed costs thanks to predictable work phases
  • No shuttering works required
  • Prefabricated armouring – ready to install
  • Optimised for acoustic decoupling (footfall sound insulation)  
  • Highly accurate, bespoke production
  • Unusual design options
  • No extra pouring or filling required
  • Easy installation even in confined spaces
  • Ideal for both new builds and renovation works
  • Minimal plastering required
  • Recyclable materials
  • Cutting-edge lightweight construction technology
  • Two generations’ experience in staircase construction

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